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Discover the power of music through my voice. As an opera singer, I believe that singing is an extension of speaking and can be used to express a wide range of emotions. Whether you're a fan of classical, opera, or contemporary music, my performances will transport you into a world of beauty and emotion.

Lori-Kaye Miller

Welcome to my website! As a highly skilled and experienced Opera Singer and voice teacher, I am dedicated to sharing my passion for music with others. My expertise in the Opera genre has allowed me to perform and teach all around the world. I specialize in Concerts only, so if you're looking for a gifted and passionate Opera Singer or want to learn to sing with a professional, get in touch with me today.

Opera Performances

With each performance, I aim to transport audiences to another world through the sheer power of music. As a skilled performer, I am proud to have worked with many reputable opera companies throughout my career. Take a closer look at my past projects to see how my passion for music can enhance your next event.

In Concert